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446 Videos
  • Kickback Tracii - Ten Beers Down - OFFICIAL VIDEO
    by Kickback Tracii 63 1 0
    Ten Beers Down is a hard driven country rock song with a different twist. Inspired by Northern Ontario's party scene with sounds of country, classic rock and modern hard rock. Kickback Tracii's style comes straight from the Northern Ontario music scene. Music and vocal roots influenced by hard rock, country and classic rock creating a very unique modern sound that they can call their own.
    63 views 1 like 0 comments
  • Rydim - La Vie vidéo officielle 2017
    by Rydim 65 1 0
    Rydim - La Vie ( Québec ) Reggae/pop Premier extrait de mon album Musik qui sera en vente fin Mai 2017. Joignez ma page Facebook officielle : https://www.facebook.com/Rydimpageofficielle/?fref=ts Joignez ma page Instagram officielle : https://www.instagram.com/rydimmusik/ - Musique ( instrumental ) réalisée par Ingenius Redhood - Vidéo réalisée par http://www.videastephotojc.com/ - Enregistrée au Studio Fréquence production - Paroles, texte et interprétation par Rydim
    65 views 1 like 0 comments
    by Rydim
  • Ages 2020 Canadian Girls @ The Red Room
    by Ages 2020 139 0 0
    Celebrating the powerful Canadian women of Canada & Another song Can't Eat snuck in with it, It's a song about a very bad relationship
    139 views 0 likes 0 comments
  • Ages 2020 Whispering Souls
    by Ages 2020 73 0 0
    A song about love, freedom & the pain & shame of War
    73 views 0 likes 0 comments
  • Ages 2020 Stone Cold Man at The Red Room
    by Ages 2020 60 0 0
    Stone Cold Man a little dark but really about heartbreak not wanting to be Smothered or controlled or possessed per say
    60 views 0 likes 0 comments
  • 519
    89 views 1 like 0 comments
  • Shadows
    147 views 2 likes 0 comments
  • Roxanna - "Beautiful Rose" Feat. Chris Botti
    by ROXANNA 117 2 0
    A special song dedicated to my Mother who is in Heaven. Feat. CHRIS BOTTI on Trumpet
    117 views 2 likes 0 comments
    by ROXANNA
  • Roxanna - "Here With Me" (Featuring James Scott) [Official Video]
    by ROXANNA 138 2 0
    "Here With Me" - directed by Samuel Gonzalez Jr., a prequel to "Unforgotten" which are both in Roxanna's album "Exotica", available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, HMV, and Barnes & Noble. CHRIS BOTTI on the trumpet. Roxanna Official Website - http://www.roxannamusic.com Roxanna Official Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RoxannasMusic Roxanna Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/RoxannaMusic RoXart Inc.
    138 views 2 likes 0 comments
    by ROXANNA
  • Teaser for 'The Astronot' Film
    by Pennan Brae 203 0 0
    Teaser for the upcoming film, 'The Astronot' (http://bit.ly/FBAstro). Directed by Tim Cash of FFE Films, the film features a soundtrack by Pennan Brae. Coming soon.
    203 views 0 likes 0 comments