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Vahid Dorri - Never Know Why
Category : Music Videos
Posted by Vahid Dorri  . October 16, 2016
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Video Description
"Never Know Why" by Vahid Dorri.
The second song of Vahid Dorri's new 5-track EP album.
Music and Lyrics by Stefán Dickerson.
Canvasvision Music BMI
Copyright 2015

Music video recorded by Kaj Falch-Nielsen (assisted by Alexi Johnson) at Blue Light Studio http://bluelightstudio.ca/
Special thanks to Masoud Rafiei for his help and support.

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"Never Know Why" lyrics:

Like a diamond in the setting sun, you glisten!
With the afterglow of a moonlit night, you shimmer!

As a speck in the ocean of sand, you sparkle!
Your heart will linger on and on...

On the melody of a song in your heart, we listen!
On the crest of the breaking wave, you glide!

On the wind in the air you soar, through the sky!
We hear your heart song, inside...

Why a heart such as yours drifts away to the sea?
Such a gift, such a joy, such a prize...

Why a heart such as yours sails away in the breeze?
And We'll never ever know why...

Never know why!
Never know why!

Like a diamond in the setting sun...