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What'Sup (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) - Barron S (f) Omar Khan -- Alternative Song New Pop Music 2014
Posted by BarronS  . March 12, 2016
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Video Description

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What'Sup (new pop music) song credits:
Song Written By: L.Barron Sullivan, Omar Khan, Sean Amsing
Music Produced By: Jeremy Inkel & Kurt Maas
Song Mixed By: Dave Ogilvie
Song Mastered By: Greg Reely

What'Sup Official Lyric Music Video credits:

Lyric Video Photography By: Craig Minielly

Barron S
Paul Walker
Christine Fox
Sam Leblanc

Hair & Makeup By:
Andrea Tiller http://www.andreatillermakeup.com
& Tyana Nichole

Music Video Promotion, Marketing & YouTube SEO By:
AMP Records - http://www.amprecordsco.com

Comic Book Lyric Video Editing:
Barron S

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Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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