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i had a dream
Category : Canadian Musicians
Posted by CLEOPATRA  . March 12, 2016
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Video Description
welcome to CLEOPATRA music video for song i had a dream dance remix part 1 of many you can buy this song and all of cleopatra cds or mp3s on line here is where to and how to buy, to buy Cleopatra music and videos online please visit www.CDBABY.COM or search on itunes here are Cleopatra releases by albums names please make sure you buy the cd or mp3 as you see below

1. Cleopatra queen of the Nile.
2. Cleopatra in the heat.
3. kick u off my house.
4. 7 seven days a week.
5. close to you.
6. boy u say.
7. don't break my heart.
8. electric sonic boom.
9. extraterrestrial monstrosity...
10.I had a dream.
11.don't judge a book buy the look.
12.Cleopatra like a flames.
13.extra extra read all about me.
14.feel the fire baby
15.mirror mirror on the wall
16 guarantee lover
17 someone special in your life