Vision Statement

What would happen if numerous, scattered voices joined together as one voice? If the many musicians and industry within Canada came together and voiced their needs and concerns to CanadianMusicians, and if CanadianMusicians had strength in numbers in order to advocate on behalf of the Canadian music industry, Canadians could, theoretically, set the standards and trends for musicians and industry worldwide.

Not only does CanadianMusicians match the exposure and opportunities offered through other sites like Myspace, Reverb Nation, and Facebook, allowing members the opportunity to post music, videos, bio’s, events, blogs, share status updates, and so on, but CanadianMusicians provides resources to help establish and further careers in the music industry. From songwriting contests to CanadianMusicRadio.com to government grants, CanadianMusicians is constantly compiling resources for its members. Unlike these other sites, CanadianMusicians’s focus is directly on Canadians. And, unlike other sites, we’re constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to market our members and set marketing trends.

Why CanadianMusicians? More than anything, it’s about heart. The music industry can be confusing, overwhelming, and hard to break into. But with CanadianMusicians, there’s a place where people can meet in an open and approachable environment. Here, the field has levelled for indie artists to receive as much recognition and exposure for their work, as signed/mainstream artists receive for theirs. As well, music lovers now have more resources to search for great music in a variety of genres.

As CanadianMusicians is a place for Canadians in the music industry to have a voice, we have decided to involve our members’ voices within the site. Some of our own CanadianMusicians members have become our journalists, chatroom admins and videos producers. These are just a few of the ways that CanadianMusicians members can contribute and receive exposure, experience and notoriety. Also, several of our members voice their opinions in our focus groups and online poling.

Our goal is to create a reputation for quality and excellence.

CanadianMusicians is a professional company aimed at enabling new Canadian music, emerging Canadian artists and music related industry professionals around the globe to connect and draw-on one another’s resources and experiences, learn from one another, encourage one another, and unite.

How great would it be for those just starting out if they could be part of a chat room discussion and learn from the seasoned experts? How wonderfully refreshing it would be to be part of an inter-dependant community where musicians and industry could learn from one another, encourage one another, and work together. A place where people could find mentors or give-back to the community by mentoring others. A community so focused on supporting one another that we gladly invite critiques, knowing that it’s coming from a positive spirit for the purpose of our own betterment. Where people prefer to partner with others rather than to isolate themselves.

Our concept of success is one that depends on the success of our members.

If you have specific questions about CanadianMusicians that you'd like answered, please contact us. We also encourage you to explore this site as often as you like. Make some searches, and see why you need to be part of CanadianMusicians.com!