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Who Can Join?

• Music Schools
• Art Departments
• Music Associations
• Organizations
• Festivals
• Retail Stores
• Related Music industry
• Venues

Key Features

• Free affiliation.
• View your commission info.
• Track commissions earned from clients.
• Track successful registrations came from referring links.
• Keep track of real money requests.
• View affiliate statistics.
• Select available affiliate sources (text links) to refer to others.

Why Join?

• Associate with CanadianMusicians, connect with local musicians and music industry around you.
• Earn Commissions You earn up to 35% commission on every sale you direct from your website to ours.
• Get Affiliate Exclusives When you sign up, you become eligible for Affiliate-exclusive offers, deals and contests.

How do I sign up?

1. Fill out the application and read the service agreement. Simply (if you're not a member yet) create an account with CanadianMusicians.com, Click on Affiliate Signup, add your contact phone number and contact address. The service agreement gives a detailed explanation of all obligations, requirements, and terms and conditions.

2. Get approval. After a quick review of your application and site, you will receive notification of your approval/disapproval. If your application is approved, you will also receive an e-mail containing your user name, password and detailed instructions on how to begin pulling our links and text.

3. Start selling. To help you get started, we provide you with a full creative library with links and banners, as well as custom creative and interactive creative you can use on your site.