About CanadianMusicians

CanadianMusicians is a professional company aimed at enabling new Canadian music, emerging Canadian artists and music-related industry professionals around the globe to connect and draw -on one another's resources and experiences, learn from one another, encourage one another, and unite. Our goals and views of success are not measured solely by numbers. Rather, our concept of success is one that depends on the success of our members.

What drives CanadianMusicians? More than anything, it's our heart. The music industry can be confusing, overwhelming, and hard to break into. But with CanadianMusicians, there's a place where people can meet in an open and approachable environment.
Here, the field is level for indie artists to receive as much recognition and exposure for their work as signed artists receive for theirs. As well, music lovers have resources to search for great music in a variety of genres.We believe there is strength in numbers. Together, we can build a place for Canadian musicians and its related music industry to become a force and have one voice.

Join an ever-growing community of Canadian musicians and industry at CanadianMusicians.com for FREE and take advantage of several other great resources and opportunities this site offers. If you have specific questions about CanadianMusicians that you'd like answered please contact us. We also encourage you to explore this site as often as you like. Make some searches, and see why you need to be part of CanadianMusicians.com!