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  • 25 Apr 2016
    Music Monday: Music is Love. Music is Life. Music is your BFF. Play some music.
    835 Posted by Bristol Kids
  • 30 Aug 2016
     Everyone Benefits  From Music. Everyone who is alive and above ground when they wake up has a chance to make a difference. Don't come from a place of how can I get rich, instead come from a place of how can i make the world a better place ? ~ What can i do to benefit all of mankind? Music is Life. At McGill University in Montreal they proved music helps us raise our grades up higher in other subjects in School. Music makes it so we use all of our brain. It is vital to our happiness. Never forget that! It is better to be the best version of yourself and make your music so others are happy than to just chase money. Music has so many side benefits it is placed in the exceptional category by Bristol Kids Band. Instead of removing music classes from schools we should be adding it back in every year. James Walsh
    543 Posted by Bristol Kids
Immediate Release 285 views Feb 03, 2017
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